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7 reasons why building a custom application is better for your business


by Lumi IT

on Jan 30, 2018


Your business might be at a crossroads of building a custom application and adopting a ready-made solution. We’ve put together 7 reasons why building a custom business app is the way to go.

  1. Don’t let ready-made solutions dictate your business process

    You know what your business needs. Instead of having your business process dictated by a ready-made solution, a custom application allows you to design exactly what you need.

  2. Ongoing licensing cost can really add up

    Paying for ready-made solutions may be initially cheaper, but they have relentless ongoing licensing costs that will add up.

    Not only are you guaranteed to pay for features you don’t need. When you do need a custom feature for your business, you’ll be at the discretion of that company.

  3. You can add others tools easier

    Every business uses a number of online tools to make the process work, with new tools constantly being invented for you to adopt. A centralised custom business application can integrate with those additional online tools easier and faster, giving you better control over your business.

  4. Scales with your business

    Ready-made solutions won’t scale with your business, but a custom application can. Your own business app allows you to develop what you need, how you need it. Start off small, and develop the features you need along the way.

  5. Data belongs to your business

    Most of the time, a ready-made solution has ownership over your business data, although you might be able to download some partial data. However, your own custom application allows you full ownership over the data it collects. This comes with a huge variety of benefits, like the 2 listed below.

  6. Custom visualization will help you with reporting

    Having a good overview of your business is essential to spot issues and manage risks. A custom business application can display reports that are specific to your needs.

  7. White-labelling your idea as a product

    You’re your own industry’s expert. If you find that there’s no existing tool that suits your business, another business could also be suffering.

    One amazing thing about building your own business app is the ability to white-label it as a product to help other businesses.

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