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Top 3 Challenges To Consider When Automating Your Business

While Business Process Automation can result in impressive productivity gains, the process of implementing automation for your business requires careful management. Here are 3 common challenges in the automation process.

Tech News Monthly May 2018

Ground-rescue snake robots, virtual reality theme parks, redesigned Braille - our May edition of Tech News Monthly will look at some of the latest innovations in the tech world, as well as recent updates on self-driving cars, smart cities, and cybersecurity.
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Begin Building Business Process Automation Into Your Workflow, Part 3

Proven organisational-change techniques are required in order for Business Process Automation projects to be a success. Part 3 of our series will show you a roadmap for successful planning, design, and implementation of your automation project.
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How to Know When Business Process Automation Won’t Work, Part 2

While there are numerous benefits to Business Process Automation, it isn’t without its disadvantages. Part 2 of our series will discuss some of its potential drawbacks.
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Identifying the best areas for Business Process Automation, Part 1

Before deciding to automate any of your business processes, it is advantageous to evaluate which workflows in your business are most suitable for automation. Part 1 of our series will show you the areas where Business Process Automation can create great results.
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Tech News Monthly April 2018

April's edition of Tech News Monthly highlights essential web and entrepreneurial skills for 2018, the latest data privacy issues in social media and everyday apps, and a cautionary appeal for regulating the development of artificial intelligence.