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Business Process Automation

Automate your business to get ahead of your competition


by Lumi IT

on Mar 07, 2018


It is every business owner's dream to be able to make his business get on top of the competition. And as you work hard to keep growing your business, you're constantly trying to balance everything within a business – sales, operations and administration.

Growing a business can be chaotic, but you can't let that run you down. After all, how else can you attempt to come on top of your competitors if you can't get on top of your own? So, you sit back behind your desk and ask yourself "How can I be across everything all the time?". The answer is really obvious – you need to have all key areas of your business visible in one place.

Work on your business, not in your business.

The 21st century belongs to those who are capable of seeing beyond the unknown. You can see a lot of business software products available online - all promising to make your life easier, so why bother having a custom-built software made for your company?

Let us give you some tips to help you realize that you're ready to automate your business with a bespoke business software development service:

Old-school business methods are pulling your business behind

If you and your business still do manual data entry, file comparison, and checking when generating reports, then you're still throwing money and resources down the drain. These types of tasks can be automated easily.

With the use of a small custom software development service, you can do away with human error and save time and money by doing so. The business will be more productive per headcount and employees will be happier since they will not be tied to doing repetitive and robotic types of work.

Level the playing field with your competitors

How many more customers are you willing to lose just because you can't do things faster and more accurately? If competition seems to always be a step ahead of you, it should be your topmost goal to beat them at their own game. How are they doing it? Surely they're not employing an army of staff. There has to be some explainable intervention in some way that's allowing them to move at the speed they're moving. You can definitely level the playing field once you've automated your own business. And once you've done it, you'll never dream of going back.

Say goodbye to your spreadsheets

Do you need to run reports for your business? Sure, it's part of the routine. So routined that the staff preparing them need to block out regular hours on their schedule just to get these reports to you in time. What if you need the information on a different date? What if you need the reports right now? With all the wait time that you get to go through, can you still consider the info "real-time"?

A business solutions software allows you to store all this data centrally, and once it's set up, all your staff need to do is enter current data. This would diminish your vast need for people to do data entry and would allow your staff to become more productive as they're able to look at other important tasks that related to growing the business and their role.

Endless Technology upgrades

There's an endless evolution of the kinds of processes and information your business will require. Right now, you might feel that you're okay with just having regular off-the-shelf products. But what happens when you need to transition to another software or add a new one in the process? How do they talk to each other? How long will it take to migrate tens and thousands of records from one tool to another?

Off-the-shelf software might be able to give you what you need, for now. But as your business grows, these traditional tools make you reliant on your staff to generate reports and keep data in-sync. One unexpected absence of a key personnel holds you hostage and you're forced to wait until they come back to work.

Off-the-shelf software - why not custom-made?

Sure, the need is imminent and you want to solve it fast. So you go online and check out off-the-shelf software applications that might be able to give you what you need. Off-the-shelf software applications may provide you with 50-90% of what your business needs with the standard components provided. But those external products are built to cater for any business; the special ingredient that makes your business unique would, more often than not, be excluded.

There's a chance that these off-the-shelf software applications will allow limited customisation at a hefty cost. Your growing business would eventually outgrow it and then you're left with trying to find something better. The cycle can go on endlessly.

Identifying what you want and consulting with people who are experienced in software development would not only get you to where you want to be, but also enable you to maximize the investment. You will end up having a well-thought-out business application software which your business can use for years to come. For sure, your competition has already started upgrading their systems. Sitting on this idea longer would just let competition beat you.

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