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Business Process Automation

How to know when Business Process Automation won’t work, Part 2


by Lumi IT

on Apr 23, 2018


high level of understanding of Business Process Automation is required for businesses to identify processes where human performance would be more suitable than automation. This article will identify some examples of these areas.

As a rule of thumb, businesses should think very carefully before introducing automation to any customer-facing processes.

While an automated hotel booking process may appear efficient and resourceful, customers faced with long, automated phone calls and technical issues will instead find the process frustrating. A lack of a human customer representative to solve their issues will appear as though the company does not value them.

It would also be wise to not completely automate crucial business decisions. Though the data analysis and monitoring leading up to those decisions have room for automation, leaving the final decision up to an experienced human employee allows companies to double-check their processes before going ahead with major decisions.

Lastly, in the case of voice and visual-based automation, sensors can be prone to reading errors, whether from visual or audio cues. As an example, relying on language translators may run the risk of introducing miscommunications or errors into your business process. Similarly, optical sensors on automated vehicles may miss environmental cues and result in an accident.

Whether you are just beginning to think about business process automation or are ready to take the next step towards automating your business operations, it is important to have a clear map of your business needs and what can benefit from automation.

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