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Integrated Digital PROMs Provider

A specialised integrated digital PROMs provider, we provide a streamlined end-to-end approach to help you achieve your PROMs objective. We have access to leading PROMs products and are able to integrate the benefits into your business and/or IT systems.

From the curation of impactful programs, the selection of suitable PROMs and PROMs software, to the roll out, training and support of your program participants, we have you covered.

Our tailored service enables you and your team to focus on what matters - achieving success for your patient healthcare outcomes and business objectives via PROMs and PREMs.


What are PROMs and PREMs

Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) and Patient-reported experience measures (PREMs) are global recognised questionnaires that create a patient-centered approach to a patient's health and quality of life, including measuring the patients' perceptions of their experience whilst receiving care.

The information collected can help to monitor and improve patient progress, improve communication between healthcare professional and patients and help to improve the quality of health services.

What can PROMs/PREMs do for your organisation?

  • Increase the quality of care to patients

  • Reduce the length of stay in hospitals

  • Reduce the total number of insurance claims

  • Improve healthcare staff engagement

Our PROMs Services

Our services are curated to the specific requirements of the Australian marketplace. Whether you are a large organisation with specific security and compliance requirements, or a smaller program that requires an innovative approach, we will provide a streamlined the experience for your organisation, reduce risk and allow you to focus on the healthcare and business outcomes of your program.

Our services include and not limited to:

Curate Impactful Programs

Our access to PROMs/PREMs advisors, our experience in rolling out PROMs/PREMs programs, and our expertise in enterprise technology development can help you curate a suitable program that will make the greatest difference.

Digital PROMs Solutions

Product agnostic, we have partnered with a selection of PROMs and PREMs solutions to bring you the most suitable package for the successful implementation for your organisation outcomes.

Customisation and Data Integration

Every organisation is different, for the sustainability and scalability of your ongoing PROMs/PREMs initiatives, our bespoke development services help with the integration and customisation of your chosen software solution.

Training, Rollout & Support

Change management is imperative to the success of your PROMs/ PREMs program. Our Change Management program will empower and enable your staff, providers and patients to best deliver your program outcomes.

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