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Have a great App idea?

What's next?

It will cost a tech startups with two Founders a minimum of $300,000 per year, every year.

This includes a loss of salaries, app development fees and other business expenses.

On top of that, according to Forbes more than 90% of startups will fail. A "lack of market need for their product" is the single biggest reason for failiure.

So if you are about to quit your job - STOP.

How can our program help?

Developed by successful startup Founders, Investors and Technologist, the JumpStart Program will rapidly answer the three key components of a successful product:


1. Design

Will users like this?

2. Technology

How do we build this?

3. Commercial

How will it monetise?

You will be taken through 4 iterative modules to ensure that your startup can succeed.


"Without any hesitation can we recommend JumpStart to any startup founder. [The JumpStart team] will help you understand your market, come up with a compelling strategy and even help with the MVP further down the line. We are looking forward to continuing our conversation with them!"


Program Overview

9 - 5

Unlike other incubators, our program does NOT require you to quit your job. While you will need to put a few days aside, you can work with minimum disruption.

8 weeks

Over a maximum of 8 weeks, you will work directly with a team of commercial, UX and technology experts to visualise and validate your idea. 8 weeks is all you need to significantly reduce your risk.

1 on 1

We works with you on an exclusive, one-on-one format. This means that your idea will never be judged or have to compete with others for mentors' attention.

4 modules

Our modules provide a structured, proven frameworks to empower you with the confidence and knowledge across all aspects of your startup journey.

Program Details

The JumpStart Program is designed to work with your existing knowledge. You can choose 2, 3 or all 4 modules with the mandatory 2-day Jumpstart Ideation Workshop. The full program lasts 8 weeks. Speak to us today to see which modules would work best for you:

2-day JumpStart Ideation Workshop (Mandatory)
The program starts with a 2-day intensive JumpStart Ideation Workshop to rapidly shape and visualise your idea. You will participate in person or online to working 1:1 with a Product Specialist to receive the best results.
Module 1: Marketplace Deep Dive

This module examines the marketplace that your startup will compete in. Understanding your market builds a sturdy foundation for a business to be built upon, preparing the startup for any threats or weaknesses that may arise as the business grows.

Module deliverables:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Options & Recommendations
  • Customer Profiling
Module 2: Product Design Deep Dive

This module looks at the process of Design that blends user needs with business goals so a startup can to make consistently successful products and optimise the user experience for longer-term business needs.

Module deliverables:

  • 1 x Clickable Prototype
  • 3 x Logos
  • Branding
  • Landing page
  • 5 - 8 Wireframes
  • 5 - 8 UI design
  • Mailing list integration
Module 3: Commercialisation Deep Dive

This module looks at the process of pitching, funding, working with investors and other external parties. This will help to prepare your encounters with those life-changing opportunities when it happens.

Module deliverables:

  • Pitch Deck
  • Business model
  • Revenue model
  • Financial projection
  • Understand Investors
  • R&D and other grants
Module 4: Technology Deep Dive

This module looks at the technical process of launching a startup. This module is particularly important for Founders with little technology experience. A good understanding of options for your product could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars and give you that confidence you need to discuss tech.

Module deliverables:

  • Development cost
  • Technical roadmap
  • Scaling MVP & Options
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Information Architecture
  • Confidence with Tech

Program benefits

Inclusive in the cost of the program is over $55,000 worth of free license from some of the largest technology companies in the world.


*Partner offerings may change over time.


“I would strongly recommend the JumpStart program to anyone who are seeking business model clarity and developing a testable MVP!”

Lockie Cooke, Founder of iYarn

JumpStart Pitch Nights

Our JumpStart events create great exposure for our participants. We host regular pitch nights that are open to the public as well as invite-only events.


“They are a lunch of very smart, experienced (run successful start-ups themselves), honest and kind bunch of people who really care about other businesses.

The team is also well entrenched into the Startup circle with a great network so worth while reaching out to them if you're a Startup!”

- Shweta Krishnan