Systems API Integration

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Software API integration is the exercise of putting together separate software components into a whole integrated system. It is used to add value to a system through new functionalities provided by connecting functions of different systems.

Main types of system integration:

  • Horizontal Integration

    The creation of a unique subsystem that is the single interface between multiple subsystems and may be replaced without affecting the other systems.
  • Vertical Integration

    Subsystems integrated according to their functionality, beginning with the bottom basic function upward (vertical). This is a quick method but can become more expensive over time as new silos are created with new functionalities.
  • Star Integration (Spaghetti)

    Each subsystem is connected to multiple subsystems creating a diagrammatic star effect.
  • Common Data Format

    Helps the system avoid having the adapter convert to and from every application format. Systems using this method set a common or application-independent format, or they provide a service that does the transformation to or from one application into the common application.

Complete software systems integration for your business ecosystem

Implementing various technologies within your business process requires you to overcome complex system integration challenges, whether it be within your own organisation or with external partners, suppliers, and clients.

Integration, on the whole, is difficult for companies to achieve internally. There a large number of systems that are involved and therefore it’s beneficial to bring in experts to implement the new system.

Lumi IT are specialists in IT systems integration and its specific activities, and we offer extensive solutions tailored to assist you with overcoming your system integrations challenges.

Our systems & API integration process involves:

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  • Business Analysis
  • Project Planning
  • Project Management
  • Research and prototyping
  • Design and implementation of Application Programming Interfaces
  • Any process that accounts for the free flow of data or information delivery
  • Testing and staff training

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See what our clients say
See what our clients say
Trevor Chappell

Executive Chairman, Austcorp Property Group

We couldn't be happier with the result we received from Lumi IT! They made sure our project was delivered on time and within budget. Maggie and the team really cared about the business impact this project had on us. We'll definitely continue to work with Lumi IT for future projects. 5 stars!

Lena Peacock

Senior Marketing Manager

Lumi IT provided work above and beyond all our expectations. They have an impressive responsiveness, follow up and professionalism. These are attributes that you can't buy anywhere else. Lumi IT definitely inspires trust and confidence in their clients and we are looking forward to working with their talented team again.

Junies Lim

Managing Director, National Fleet

Give them a GO. They developed an excellent worksheet and job scope with us, which required very good understanding from Lumi IT about the project. Good customer experience and user-friendly. I would recommend Lumi IT to other businesses.