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What is a Cloud application?


by Lumi IT

on Feb 05, 2018

A Cloud application (also known as a Cloud app) is a software programme where cloud-based and local components work together seamlessly. A Cloud app model tends to rely on remote virtual servers that are located in a data center.

Cloud-based apps have huge advantages and benefits:

  1. Easy to update

    You can adapt Cloud apps easily and change features to match changing requirements.

  2. Outsourced Tech

    The bulk of the tech can be outsourced to third party Cloud operators.

  3. Scalable

    Capacity can be adjusted to match the demand.

  4. Reduced costs

    Lower prices due to using third party expensive scaled tech.

How do cloud apps work?

Good question! Data is stored and compute cycles occur in a remote data center. A back-end ensures uptime, security, integration, and supports multiple access methods.

Cloud applications provide quick responsiveness and don't need to permanently reside on the local device. The applications work both online and offline, and if any content updates are required, these can be created in real time to give live information to the end user.

Examples of Cloud apps

Some common examples that are used daily include Mozy, Evernote, SugarSync, Salesforce, Dropbox, NetSuite, and Zoho. Other qualifying examples such as web email (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Hotmail, etc.) may not be so obvious, but they depend on Cloud technology and are available off-line if consumers so choose to have them configured as such.

Cloud Apps vs Web Apps

A key difference between Cloud and web applications is the architecture. A web application must have a constant internet connection to operate. Conversely, a Cloud application or Cloud-based application performs processing tasks on a local computer or workstation. An internet connection is required primarily for downloading or uploading data.

A web application is unusable if the remote server is unavailable. If the remote server becomes unavailable in a Cloud application, the software installed on the local user device can still operate, although it cannot upload and download data until service at the remote server is restored.

Purposed for your business

Developing a custom Cloud application will help with your business' automation, allow you to work on your business, not trapped in your business. Take a look at our Simple Guide to Business Automation to get started.

Want to learn more?

Lumi IT specialises in developing Cloud applications for your business needs. For more information, contact us at (02) 8318 8311 or

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